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All kinds of valves, filling machine is an important part of

by:Xinmao     2021-04-27
Filling machine in operation will involve a speed are the important factors that affect the efficiency, this is the valve, filling machine can be divided into mechanical valve, electronic valve two kinds, both on the technological process is the same: 1. Mechanical valve mechanical valve in time generally in the form of rotation Angle distribution, because of the control process of pumping air into vacuum state, charging, open and close the valve and pressure relief action of the slider or dial rod, are placed according to the size of the rotation Angle on the control loop and the size of the rotation Angle is actually made time to determine is under normal working speed shows the corresponding Angle. When filling machine speed is lower than the normal operation of the entire process to complete time will increase, and vice overdrive time is shortened. So filling machine overdrive may affect the quality of filling, such as increasing oxygen content increases and liquid level did not appear even the bubble phenomenon. 2. Electronic valve filling machine of the electronic valve can be controlled by PLC relay, according to computer default variables to control also can be quantitative electronic valve, constant electronic valve in the speed change to complete the filling process of each working procedure time always remain the same. No speed limit in the equipment, the influence of speeding is only pressure release time shorten the influence after the procedure, not in front of the working procedure such as time, such as filling have any effect. Filling machine before use make sure you understand the related operation key points, the filler should be real-time observation during the operation of equipment on the parameter display is normal, can't just leave, abnormal if it is necessary to stop the machine immediately to check, in a timely manner to eliminate various failure problem of filling machine may appear, filling machine operators to accept professional training, so as to ensure the stable operation of the filling machine.
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