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Agricultural industry promote the development of beverage machinery and equipment. ( Modify)

by:Xinmao     2021-03-01
Technology: beer beverage machinery and equipment in China is the earliest domestic introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment of the equipment manufacturing industry, in the early 1980 s, China imported from Western Europe, eastern Europe, Japan and other countries more than 200 filling production line, such as guangdong light industry machinery factory, the introduction of German technology, nanjing, hefei light industry machinery factory, the introduction of Japanese technology, hebei langfang packaging equipment company introduce Italy, Germany technology. Domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises through years of efforts, the foreign technology digestion and absorption, and gradually achieve localization, in the 90 s has been able to complete and supporting the production of beer, beverage processing equipment. 60000 bottles/hour and 40000 bottles per hour of beer filling production line, langfang production 8000 ~ 18000 bottles/hour drink not containing gas plastic bottle filling production line and so on have reached a very high technical level. Beer, beverage processing equipment in China with foreign advanced level gap is narrowing. Fruit and vegetable drinks is an important area for deep processing of agricultural products. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, continuously expand and speed up the development in the field of deep processing of agricultural products, the development of fruit and vegetable drinks become the people are very concerned about the topic. Technology and equipment is the key to speed up the development of deep processing of agricultural products, is & quot; Bottleneck & quot; 。 Beverage products in our country at present mainly include carbonated drinks, fruit and vegetable drinks, vegetable protein drinks, natural mineral water, pure water, tea drinks, milk beverage, solid beverage, cold drinks and other beverages, which is given priority to with carbonated drinks, its production about half the total beverage production. In recent years the development of deep processing of fruit and vegetable drinks soon. Beverage processing machinery points before processing machinery, processing machinery, packaging machinery, packing, palletizing, and so on, mainly include: cleaning machinery, classification ( Screening) Machinery, grinding machinery, beater, juicer, separation, homogeneous machinery, filtration, concentration machinery, heat, water treatment equipment, soda, mixing machine, titian, sterilization machine, filling equipment, packing, palletizing equipment and cold drinks such as complete sets of equipment. According to the classification of beverage processing machinery and equipment are: fruit juice and tea drink fruit juice beverage production equipment, production equipment, carbonated drinks, vegetable juice beverage production equipment, production equipment plant protein drinks, bottled water production equipment, production equipment and so on six big class. The equipment, the current domestic wine beverage industry use by foreign imports of machinery and equipment accounted for about 1/2 or so, especially in large and medium-sized backbone enterprises; Basically use of imported equipment. Introduction of technology digestion, absorption and independent development of domestic equipment accounted for about 1/2 or so, basically meet the needs of the domestic market, and a small amount of exports. Production capacity: beer, white wine, rice wine, wine, fruit juice, vegetable juice, wine, beverage such as carbonated drinks, mineral water and pure water is kind of a full set of production equipment. Existing filling machinery manufacturing enterprises in our country, mainly the production of medium and small size glass bottle filling machine, more than 85%, now that you can supply complete sets of 3000 ~ 30000 bottles/glass bottle filling machine, beer, beverage filling equipment annual production capacity of 3000 units ( Set) 。 36000 ~ 40000 bottles/basic can satisfy the requirement of domestic order complete sets of equipment. Enterprise: total about 200 beverage filling processing machinery manufacturing enterprises in China, with the whole machine, has more than 30 complete sets of production capacity, has the certain scale related supporting ability of nearly 170.
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