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According to the market and customer demand, beverage machinery factory will continue to develop new production

by:Xinmao     2021-05-15
Recently, xinmao drink machinery factory according to the market and customer needs, constantly develop new products, constantly improve existing products, and strive for the beer beverage filtration equipment to do better. Our factory produces filtration equipment has long been favored by customers, the sales situation is particularly gratifying, including JPLP disc type of PVPP, JPLZ candle filters system has dozens of units used in the whole country, Beijing yanjing beer co. , LTD. , a one-time order three sets. After the test, the equipment is running normally, achieves PVPP filtering effect and design capabilities. Shun machinery factory production of jacking JPLP disc type of PVPP, JPLZ candle filters system is mainly used in beer by PVPP stable processing diatomite filter before, beer after the system stable by PVPP medium treatment, its storage life can be prolonged. It can meet the beer manufacturer for beer shelf life growth needs hope. PVPP ( Scientific name of polyvinylpyrrolidone) Is a kind of water-soluble polymer compound, tasteless white powder. It to polyphenols in beer has strong adsorption, such as anthocyanins, thus adding PVPP wine can achieve the purpose of removing part of the polyphenols, has replaced the past with formaldehyde to remove polyphenols process, so as to achieve or slow proteins in beer form sediment with anthocyanins, extend the storage period of beer. Chongqing light industry machinery factory production of JPLP disc type of PVPP, JPLZ candle filters system for the series of products, production capacity of 80 / h ~ 500 hl hl/h. Mainly by the main filtering tank, mixing PVPP add device, filter plate ( Candle) Components, piping system, PLC programmable controller, man-machine interface, etc. The system has the following prominent features: adopts horizontal disc or candle stick type structure, filtering operation stability; Minimal loss of PVPP, easy to recycle, after regeneration treatment can be used repeatedly, economy, saving; System clean convenient, suitable for large and medium-sized beer enterprises.
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