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About beverage machinery mechanical function is introduced

by:Xinmao     2021-02-12
About the function of the beverage machinery is introduced, it is a lot of friends want to buy beverage machinery is the most want to know information, now, let's follow according to the function of the beverage machinery to analyse for us. Horizontal design, light and convenient, automatic extraction material, for larger viscous paste can be charging. Manual and automatic switching function: each other when machine is in & other; Automatic & throughout; State, according to the set speed machine, automatic continuous filling. And when the machine is in & quot; Manual & quot; Status, the operation personnel on dynamic pedal, to implement the filling, trample, if you are also a state of filling automatically and continuously. Drip tight filling system: when filling the cylinder up and down movement, drive straight. Material cylinder, tee part adopts handcuffs type connection, without any special tools, loading and unloading of cleaning is very convenient. Optional exquisite accessories, puts into the liquid pipe cleaning fluid filling a few times more until completion of the cleaning. This series of filling machine for piston type filling machine, filling self-priming, material by extract materials into the cylinder block, cylinder piston driven by pneumatic piston again through the feeding tube into the container, filling quantity by adjusting the cylinder stroke. 一个。 Pin type beverage filling head: suitable for small bottle and tube packing product filling. Needle part diameter, length, can customize according to the size of the container. b。 R/ball valve control system, suitable for different viscosity and materials containing particles, and can solve the high, high pressure feed pressure of various problems. c。 Hopper: the filling of high viscosity products configuration is recommended, in order to achieve better filling effect. Above is based on the function of the beverage machinery machinery is introduced to do some simple introduction, if want to know more information about this aspect of the other can log in our website for more comprehensive information, small make up hope these information will help you.
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