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A new technology, new pure water filling production line

by:Xinmao     2021-03-06
Zhangjiagang city xinmao beverage packaging machinery factory is a set product development, technical services, new product development in the integration of drinking machine manufacturing enterprises, has * technology research and development and experienced technical team, the company main products have mineral water, pure water, soda, juice, tea beverages and other complete sets of production lines and water treatment equipment. The momentum of rapid scientific and technological progress and industrial integration, pure water filling production line automation is strong, both in performance and quality have greatly ascend, some products have entered the international market and gain a foothold. According to the current development prospects, water pure water filling production line will be able to do better. Pure water filling production line technology constantly improving, compact design more reasonable, more stable performance, flexible operation. Most filling production line equipped with a rotary buffer in the bottle feeding device, the rotary table can be adjusted according to actual situation, very convenient. Pure water filling production line to cap screw cover processing. Handheld electric filling production line due to the characteristics of flexible operation and favored by many users, combined with adjustable clutch, can guarantee the cap is not damaged, to reduce the ground also has some effect. The zoom function on its own, once complete the screw cap, card head will stop working immediately, and then to the next product screw cap processing, handheld pure water filling production line in the manual products work efficiency is higher than similar products. Handheld filling production line is equipped with support for the user to choose, easy and convenient. This machine can under the premise that ensure the quality of screw cap, zui large extent reduce the labor intensity and cost. Pure water filling production line, choose three flourish, vines, your regretless choice!
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