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A glass of beer filling equipment common filling method is introduced

by:Xinmao     2021-05-27
Glass bottles of beer filling equipment common filling method of the chemical industry are glass bottles of beer filling equipment, advanced technology, gas-liquid mass transfer area is large, small resistance loss, low efficiency of high energy consumption, simple structure, and the reliable performance, small voice of multistage centrifugal pump, bagel machinery to make the machine performance is guaranteed, set up perfect automatic control system, with coordination, simple structure, continuous production, high degree of automation, etc. A glass of beer filling equipment sets blunt bottle, filling and sealing, PLC control, touch screen operation. For beer filling material characteristics, adopting the south light beer valve, secondary vacuum at the same time. According to the characteristics of glass bottles, CAM lift can also use cylinder lift, added to the device at the same time, filling run more smoothly. Richard, cover device does not hurt, no scratches, the cover neatly without the cover, spin covering the use of special material, nice tight seal. Due to the liquid, chemical and physical properties of each have differences, also have different requirements for filling. Liquid materials made by liquid packaging container, glass bottles of beer filling equipment often USES several methods are as follows: normal pressure filling method, such as pressure filling, vacuum filling method, filling pressure filling, siphon method, including: 1, normal pressure filling method: under normal pressure filling method refers to the atmospheric pressure directly depend on the weight by filling liquid into the packaging container filling method. Atmospheric pressure filling process for: 1, into the liquid, the liquid into the container, container air is expelled at the same time; 2, stop into liquid, namely the liquid container meet the quantitative requirements, into the liquid automatically stop; 3, eliminate residual liquid, excluding the exhaust of residual liquid. 2, vacuum filling method: under the condition of vacuum filling method is below the atmospheric pressure filling method. There are two basic ways: one is the pressure vacuum type, which let the liquid inside the box in normal pressure condition, only on packing container extraction formed certain vacuum degree, liquid depend on the pressure difference between the two container, into the container and finish filling; Another is gravity vacuum type, that is, let the liquid tank and container are nearly equal vacuum state and liquid by gravity flow into the container. At present, the domestic pressure vacuum type is often used to. Its simple equipment, reliable work. 3, such as pressure filling: isobaric filling method is the use of liquid tank of compressed air in the upper chamber to packaging container filling, make both pressure close to equal, then the liquid filling method by the gravity flow into the packaging container. Isobaric filling process for: 1) Gas pressure; 2) Into the liquid to gas; 3) Stop into liquid; 4) Release the pressure, the residue in the release bottlenecks that compressed gases to the atmosphere, in order to avoid sudden depressurization and cause a lot of bubble bottle, affect the packaging quality and quantitative accuracy. 4, pressure filling, filling pressure method is by means of mechanical or pneumatic hydraulic control device, such as the piston reciprocating motion, high viscosity reduction of the liquid material from the loading cylinder suction piston in cylinder, and then forced into the filling of the container, this approach is also sometimes used in gas beverage such as filling, because of which do not contain colloid material, foam formed by easily disappear, it can rely on itself with the gas pressure directly without advance pumping air inside the bottle, thereby greatly improving the filling velocity.
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