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A full set of pineapple juice beverage production line equipment is introduced

by:Xinmao     2021-03-07
Pineapple contain with plenty of fructose, glucose, vitamin A, B, C, phosphorus, citric acid and protease. Flavour gan wen, with good thirst, xiaoshi antidiarrheal, for the summer by medical food and fruit in season. The product is with a full range of bottled pineapple juice beverage production line equipment with pineapple juice concentrate imports as the main raw material, add in sugar, acid, etc in the pineapple juice drinks. Using 30% fruit juice, full-bodied fragrance, sweet and delicious, pure taste, suspending, stability is good. One, the reference formula dosage of raw material name ( %) Name of raw material usage ( %) White sand sugar. 5. 00 sodium citrate 0. 5 5 6 times concentrated pineapple juice. 00 potassium sorbate 0. 03 XF 0, etc. 20 pineapple juice essence of 0. 04 sweet sugar Tp60 0. 0 05 twist of lemon yellow moderate twist lemon acid. 22 second, the production process for citric acid + sweet pineapple juice + water and sugar, sugar & rarr; Dissolve & rarr; Filter & darr; ↓ → Mixed & rarr; Acidification & rarr; Blending & rarr; Constant volume & rarr; Homogeneous potassium sorbate + + sugar + citric acid sodium suspending agent & rarr; Dissolve & uarr; ↑ → Filling & rarr; Sterilization & rarr; Total product essence + 3 pigment, beverage production process of 1000 ml. 1. Sol: a small amount of sugar, potassium sorbate, sodium citrate and suspending agent dry mix well, sprinkle in 300 ml, 80 ℃ water, cook, make its dissolved in full, all soluble granules. 2. Soluble sugar, add sugar and sweet sugar to about 200 ml water, heating dissolved and boil 3 minutes, and then with 300 mesh filter cloth filter. 3. Acidification: the enrichment of pineapple juice and citric acid with about 100 ml, 60 ℃ water dilution, slowly add to the material liquid, stir to mix well. 4. Homogeneous: material liquid with 60 ℃ the capacity to 1000 ml, the pure water and seasoning palette homogeneous, homogeneous conditions for 60 ℃ and 20 mpa, filling sealing. 5. Sterilization: the pasteurization, 85 ~ 90 ℃ / 15 ~ 20 min. 6. Cooling, the sterilization good sample cooled to room temperature in the cold water bath, the finished product. Four, note the production water must be softened water, production water conductivity ( 25℃± 1℃) Less than 10 & mu; S/cm。
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