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A common problem of beverage filling machinery

by:Xinmao     2020-12-05
The first is the material cylinder is in the center of the feed cylinder bracket bearing, material cylinder, please move from scratch installed position; The second is material cylinder piston type O sealing ring is damaged, if there is damage to replace, please. The third is the cylinder piston and piston rod or can tighten, if have loose to lock; Beverage filling machine due to the production of a variety of products, however, if a fault occurs in the production, will bring the production cannot be underestimated. So enterprises should more understand mechanical likely scenario and how to deal with knowledge. Filling machine can ensure more efficient, high quality, low cost to complete the production. Below is the filler mechanical engineer summed up the common fault for you, for your reference: the filler filling quantity are not allowed to be or not open such as delay, throttle valve to regulate thin cylinder; Under fast loading within the 3-way valve on deflationary spiral spring stretch, stretch too much will check valve can't open; Throttle valve and filling speed is fast, adjust the filling speed down filling speed; Speed throttle valve and the filling interval throttle valve is closed, throttle valve cannot be closed; Fast loading a foreign body inside the 3-way valve, if yes, please arrange, fast loading the 3-way valve and filling head air is there inside the hose, if there is air, try to cut the air or wipe out; View all sealing ring is damaged, if damaged, please replace the new; Filling nozzle valve core is there a card image or delay to open, such as a card, want to install the valve core from the good direction. All button card hoop, hose can be sealed, if please welcome correction; Magnetic switch is not loose, please lock after each adjusted the quantity. Cylinder piston filler material on the top after don't come back, to the position of the magnetic switch, press the abrupt stop switch, from the beginning to adjust activities of magnetic switch.
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