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5 gallons bottled water filling machine internal processing

by:Xinmao     2021-03-20
5 gallons bottled water filling machine internal processing economic rapid development of urbanization, we said goodbye to the traditional way of well water pumping, mostly in the city now is to drink bottled water, bottled water is how come, we all is not very understanding,  5 gallons bottled water filling machine for forming the flushing stage, drip dry stage, filling stage and after zui gland body machine combination. 5 gallons bottled water filling machine processing 1, alkaline liquid stain remover of internal and external washing disinfectant inside and outside wash water inside and outside. 2, alkaline water, disinfectant can be recycled. 3, the whole process of washing filling capping adopts PC computer control, the equipment by the chain, such as signal self-test safety device. 5 gallons bottled water filler process characteristics ( 1) Reverse osmosis is at room temperature, without phase change of the physical methods to weaken, purification of water. ( 2) Water treatment only rely on the water pressure as a driving force, the energy consumption low zui in many ways. ( 3) Don't have a lot of chemical reagents and acid, alkali treatment. ( 4) No chemical waste liquid and waste acid, alkali discharge, no waste acid, alkali neutralization process, no environmental pollution. ( 5) Simple system, convenient operation, stable product quality, level 2 reverse osmosis can obtain high quality of pure water. ( 6) Suitable for wide range of water treatment, applies to brackish water, and wastewater treatment, and is suitable for low salinity water processing. ( 7) Equipment cover an area of an area small, need space is also small. ( 8) Operation maintenance and minimal maintenance workload. 5 gallons bottled water filling machine structure is compact, being a small workshop, high efficiency and stable and reliable, high degree of automation. Operator only needs two people, is the electrical and gas in the integration of automatic equipment in.
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