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3in1 bottled water washing, filling and capping machine

3in1 bottled water washing, filling and capping machine


The three-in-one filling machine is an airless beverage equipment that integrates bottle washing, filling and sealing.

 On the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, according to the requirements of non-gas beverage filling technology,

an excellent filling equipment has been developed. Mainly used for washing, filling and heat-sealing aluminum foil of non-gas-containing beverages such as milk, juice,

and purified water. Reasonable structure, safe operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance are ideal filling equipment for large beverage factories.

The filling cylinder and filling valve of this machine are made of stainless steel, which meets food and drinking safety standards.

Since the filling form is high-speed rotating automatic filling and sealing, the time of contact with air is very short, and the filling of materials under hygienic conditions is


Main components of bottled water three-in-one filling machine mechanical equipment:


The main equipment of the equipment is mainly composed of a bottom frame, a glass frame, a bottle washing machine,

a filling machine, a capping machine, a main motor drive, a star wheel drive, a star plate, a cover repairing machine, a lower cover slot,

 a cover separator, and an electrical control system And other composition. The bottom frame is composed of a rectangular tube and a steel plate,

and the upper surface and the periphery are covered with stainless steel plate, which has high strength, good rigidity and light weight.

 It is the basic part of the whole equipment, and the bottom is equipped with anchor bolts to adjust the level and height. A glass frame surrounds the host,

and a transparent glass door is used to monitor the equipment. The glass door is equipped with a protection device when it is opened, and it stops automatically.

Beautiful appearance, safe and reliable to use.

Auxiliary equipment mainly includes reflux tank, bottle inlet pipe, bottle outlet chain. In addition, manual bottling platform (or bottle discharging machine),

manual bottle chain, automatic capping machine, lamp inspection box, inkjet printer, and labeling machine can also be configured according to customer requirements.


work process of bottled water three-in-one filling machine mechanical equipment:

The bottle is sent to the star wheel drive I through the bottle inlet air duct.

 The bottle clamping mechanism transfers the bottle to the bottle clamping mechanism of the washing machine through the star wheel drive.

The bottle clamping mechanism rotates the bottleneck according to the operation of the washing machine guide rail to wash the inside and outside of the bottle.

The cleaning and drainage filling bottles are transported to the water filling machine through the star wheel drive II,

 and then the bottles are transferred to the filling machine by the star wheel drive III.

The bottleneck is blocked by the bottle clamping plate, and the filling valve is opened through the running rail for filling. After the three-in-one filling machine is filled,

 the bottle is transferred to the capping machine by the star wheel drive IV through the template, the cap clamping plate is screwed into the bottle cap,

and the beverage bottle with the screw cap is transported by the star wheel drive. To the conveyor chain, the whole process of flushing, filling and capping is completed in this way.


Technical characteristics of bottled water three-in-one filling machine mechanical equipment:

Adopting the direct connection technology between the air duct and the bottle feeding wheel, the bottle feeding screw and conveyor chain are eliminated,

and the bottle shape is simple and easy to change.Bottle conveying adopts neck handling technology in the whole process.

It is not necessary to adjust the height of the equipment to change the shape of the bottle. It only needs to replace the curved guide plate, dial wheel and other nylon parts related to the diameter of the bottle body.

The high-speed line adopts bottle clamp transmission technology, the bottle shape changes more freely, and the internal working surface of the unit is more concise;

The three-in-one unit completes the three processes of bottle washing, filling, and capping at one time. The bottle is less worn, the transmission is accurate and stable, and the bottle type is easy to change.

The specially designed all-stainless steel bottle washer bottle clamp is sturdy and durable, and does not touch the threaded part of the bottle mouth to avoid secondary pollution of the bottle mouth.

High-speed and large-flow gravity filling valve, fast filling speed, accurate liquid level without liquid loss.

All parts in contact with liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel materials or food-grade engineering plastics, and most of the electrical systems use imported components,

which meet the national food hygiene standards

The bottle bottom support plate of the bottle output wheel adopts a spiral descending method, and the height of the bottle conveyor chain is not required to change the bottle shape.

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