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3 - 10 litres of pure water production line equipment characteristics

by:Xinmao     2021-03-20
3 - Pure water production line is the production of 3 litres - 10 10 litres of vats of pure water, mineral water washing, filling and production of equipment. The pure water production line can finish all process, such as washing bottle, filling and sealing, can reduce the material and the external contact time, improve health conditions, production capacity and economic benefits. 3 - 10 litres of pure water production line features: 1, wide adaptability, high water filling machine is equipped with adjustable device, high adjustable range is 160 - 320mm。 The bottle diameter is 100 - 180mm。 2、3 l - 10 l bottled water filling machine continuous production capacity, the machine adopts frequency conversion timing device, improve the stability and reliability of the machine. 3, the machine has reliable security automatic protection system, perfect protection machines and operators.
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