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Water Soaking Pasteurizer

Water Soaking Pasteurizer Introduction
Water soaking sterilization is needed by some packaged products in food, beverage, milk, pharmacy and other industries. The packaged products are transported by the speed-adjustable stainless steel conveyor belt to the sterilization tank, after sterilization they are then transported by conveyor belt to cooling tank, thus achieving sterilization requirements. The series of equipment operate continuously; the sterilized packaged products are then transported to the next production process.

water soaking sterilizer



Water Soaking Pasteurizer Application
The water soaking pasteurizer is specially applied for the second sterilization of food, milk, beverage, fruit juice, and other thermo-sensitive materials packaged in bottles, cans and pouches. The water soaking pasteurizer is widely applied in milk, beverage, wine, beer, food industries, etc.



Water Soaking Pasteurizer Characteristics
1. The water tank is heated by steam.
2. The steam volume is automatically controlled by steam solenoid valve, thus hot water can be utilized to the largest extent.
3. Parts contacting products are made of high quality stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and durable for use.
4. High automation, saving manual labor and cost.
Water Soaking Pasteurizer Technical Parameter

Capacity Sterilizing temperature Sterilizing time Cooling temperature Cooling time Steam pressure Speed of link belt Weight Dimension
1~5 T/h ﹤98℃ 10~35 min 20℃ 10~25min 0.4 Mpa 0.17~10m/min 6000kg 1600×2600×2000mm


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