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Tubular Heat Exchanger

Tubular Heat Exchanger
The tubular heat exchanger and tubular sterilizer are widely used in dairy products and beverage plants. They are designed for the thermal treatment of high viscosity products as well as products containing particles, pulp and fibers. Amisy can provide you quality beverage treatment machines, and customized designs can also be developed and installed to suit each application.

tubular heat exchanger

Tubular Heat Exchanger Features
●Seldom coking, the heat exchanger can work long time
●Easy to clean, low maintenance charge
●Reliable performance with heavy duty design
●Reasonable design allows for easy installation, extension or modification
●The tubular heat exchanger is a straight tube heat exchanger with one or more inner tubes situated in a shell.
●The inner tubes can either be plain or corrugated.
●Corrugation and the optimized media volume ratio increase the thermal efficiency of the heat exchangers.
Tubular Heat Exchanger Working Principle
1. The tubular heat exchanger is composed of many composite tubes.
2. Composite tube consists of a shell (a large pressure vessel) with a bundle of tubes inside it.
3. Connect the composite tubes together, then the inner tubes of each section are connected with U-shape tube, and the outer tubes are connected with side tubes.
4. Two fluids, of different starting temperatures, flow through the tubular heat exchanger. The fluid material runs through the tubes, and another fluid medium flows over the tubes (through the shell) to transfer heat between the two fluids.
Tubular Heat Exchanger Applications
The tubular heat exchanger is used for many products that need to be heated, cooled, pasteurized and UHT treated, such as dairy products (fluid, sour cream, whey protein and yogurt etc.), egg products (egg albumen, egg yolk, egg fractions etc.), fruit and vegetable products (fruit and vegetable juice and juice concentrate).

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