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Sterilizng Kettle

Lateral Spraying  Sterilizer Kettle
Lateral spraying retort is composed of sterilization tank, heat exchanger, water flow distributors, connecting pipes and PLC touch screen. Nozzles installed in both sides inside the retort spray hot water continuously to the packaged materials for sterilization. According to different sterilization requirements of various materials, lateral spraying retort can set different programs for heating, sterilization and cooling at any time, preventing great heat loss of sterilization under high temperature and high pressure. Lateral spraying retort is widely used in the second sterilization for the packaged meat, aquatic products, vegetables, eggs, snack food, etc.

lateral spraying sterilizer

Revolving Spraying Sterilizer

Revolving Spraying Sterilizer Kettle
Revolving spraying retort sprays hot water of high temperature and high pressure onto surface of packaged food for quick high-temperature sterilization, and the heating area is uniform. Thus, the quality of products improves, and heat loss reduces. Meanwhile, overheat is prevented inside the packaged food. Revolving spraying retort is widely used in the sterilization of foods packaged in pop cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles and pouches.

Hot Water Spray Sterilizer Kettle
This sterilizer is widely used for the high-temperature second sterilization in food, beverage, milk, meet, etc. which packed in pouch or flexible bag. Hot water spray retort consists of sterilization tank, heat exchanger, water flow distributors, connecting pipes and PLC touch screen. It adopts simulative temperature control system. PLC control on the whole processes of heating and cooling. Automatically record the pressure, temperature, and control the water level. Packaged materials revolve inside slowly to transfer heat uniformly, shortening sterilization time.

Hot Water Spray Sterilizer


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