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Plate UHT Sterilizer

Plate UHT Sterilizer Introduction
Plate UHT sterilizer is ideal equipment for sterilization of milk, beverage and other fluid materials. The materials is safer to drink and having longer life expansion after sterilization and cooling. Plate UHT sterilizer adopts high temperature and quite short-time sterilization, thus most of the original nutrition, color and flavor of the materials are kept.
Plate UHT Sterilizer Application
The Plate UHT sterilizer integrates the process of preheating, sterilization, heat preservation and cooling together, widely used for sterilization of food, milk, beverage, fruit juice, vinegar, wine and other similar fluids.


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Plate UHT Sterilizer Characteristics
1. It is mainly composed of plate heat exchanger, centrifugal pump, balance bucket, electricity box, and temperature controller.
2. The heat preservation section can guarantee the stability of temperature and security of products.
3. Adopting PLC controller to indicate each parameter directly and guarantee the stability of running.
4. Easy to operate and simple to maintain.
5. Production capacity: 1~10 T/h.

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