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Plate Heat Exchanger
Plate heat exchanger uses metal plates, with gaskets between plates, to transfer heat between two fluids or between liquid and gas. The fluids are exposed to a large surface area because the fluids spread out over the plates. This facilitates the heat transfer and increase the speed of the temperature change.

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Plate heat exchanger is applicable to the heating, cooling, and sterilization of milk, fruit juice, beverage, vinegar and alcohol, etc. It has also been widely used in petrochemical, pharmacy, papermaking, metallurgy, shipbuilding, power generation, heating and ventilating, etc.
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Plate Pasteurizer
The plate pasteurizer unit consists of a plate heat exchanger with three sections for heating, cooling and heat recovery. Pasteurization is done in plate heat exchangers with heat recovery. The pasteurizer will control and register automatically temperature of products and hot water. To reduce bacterial content the products are pasteurized at a temperature of 85~95℃ with a holding time between 15~30s.

The production capacity of plate pasteurizer is 0.5~20 T/h. The plate pasteurizer is likely to connect milk separator, milk homogenizer and vacuum degasser. The plate pasteurizer is widely used for the heating, sterilization, and heat preservation of fresh milk, fruit juice, beverage, alcohol and other thermo-sensitive fluids.
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