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Tea Drinks Production Line Flowchart

tea drinks production line

Tea Drinks Production Processing Equipment
Water Treatment SystemExtracting TankMixing systemVacuum DegasserUHT SterilizerHot Filling MachineContinuous Spraying Sterilizer → Shrink-sleeve Labeling Machine → Wrap Around Case Packer

Tea Drinks Production Line Application
The tea drinks production line is applicable to produce various tea drinks in PET bottles such as oolong tea, green tea, black tea, fruit tea, etc.

tea drink production
Tea Drinks Production Line Characteristics
1. The production capacity of the tea drinks production line is 1 to 20 T/h.
2. The sterilizing temperature is 135~140°C and the heat preservation period is 4~5 seconds, so as to maintain the original nutrition, color and flavor of tea drinks.
3. The production line can be adjusted according to different tea materials, to make much nice taste to meet the different requirements of tea drinks.

Tea Drinks Introduction
Tea drinks are mainly made of extracted liquid of tea leaves, tea powder and concentrated liquid. It is a kind of soft drink with some natural tea polyphenols and theine. Tea drinks have the particular flavor of tea as well as healthy and nutrient efficacy, for example, drinking green tea can reduce risk for several cancers including skin, breast, lung, colon, esophageal, and bladder; black tea is low in sodium, fat and calories, helpful to lose or control weight, to reduce cardiovascular problems and reduce oral cancer



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