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Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks Application
Storage tanks are containers for holding liquids, sometimes for compressed gases. They are vertical and cylindrical, and have arc transition from vertical side wall to bottom profile. Storage tanks can be used as liquid storage tank, mixing tank, temporary storage tank, widely applicable in food, beverage, dairy products, fruit juice, and pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, etc.

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Storage Tanks Classification
Single-layer storage tanks, including single-layer storage tank, single-layer paddle blending storage tank
Dual-layer storage tanks, including dual-layer storage tank, dual-layer side blending storage tank, dual-layer vertical blending storage tank
Storage Tanks Structure Features
1. Dual-layer storage tanks adopt structure of internal tank and external package, with heat preservation materials inside.
2. Single-layer paddle blending storage tank is equipped with paddle blender, dual-layer side blending storage tank with propeller side blender, dual-layer vertical blending storage tank with vertical blender.
3. Made of sanitary stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, durable for use.
4. Arc transition area inside the tanks ensures complete cleaning and no dead angle of sanitation.
5. Humanization design makes it very easy to operate.

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Storage Tanks Configuration
1. Quick-open manhole
2. Various types of CIP cleaners
3. Sanitary ventilation cover resisting insects
4. Adjustable triangular bracket
5. Dismountable input pipe accessories
6. Thermometer (optional)
7. Access ladder (optional)
8. Liquid indicator and level controller (optional)
9. Eddy-proof board

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