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Milk Cooling and Storage Tank

Milk Acceptance Tank & Milk Weighing Tank
Generally, milk acceptance tank and mill weighing tank are used together. They are the necessary equipments for dairy products processing line, used for temporary storage of milk or beverage. They have the same features: nice appearance, simple structure, high efficient, easy to operate and clean. The tank corners adopt arc transition to ensure no hidden health trouble; special design of moving filter unit to prevent any impurity materials in fresh milk. The weighing machine can weigh the milk with a flow meter. Meanwhile, the outlet of milk acceptance tank can be changed according to the technical layout for satisfying requirements on layout of the whole equipment.

milk acceptance tank



Milk Acceptance Tank & Milk Weighing Tank Technical Parameters

Effective Volume Tank Length Tank Width Tank Height Total Height
300L 1100mm 800mm 450mm 745mm
350L 1100mm 800mm 550mm 850mm
500L 1100mm 800mm 630mm 1050mm
600L 1300mm 900mm 570mm 850mm
1000L 1300mm 900mm 1000mm 1250mm

Fresh Milk Cooling Tank
Cooling is a very good method to keep milk fresh and its quality at a high level. Fresh milk cooling tank is mainly used to cool and store fresh milk, also it can cool and store other liquid materials. It can make the fresh milk store at high-point, prevent breeding germs. The fresh milk cooling tanks are widely used in pastures, milk stations and milk plants.
Fresh Milk Cooling Tank Features
●Attractive appearance, compact structure, high degree of automation
●Advanced design and manufacturing technology, reliable performance
●Thermal insulation properties and hygienic standard both reach the world advanced level


Fresh Milk Cooling Tank Structure
  ◆The fresh milk cooling tank mainly consists of tank, agitator, CIP cleaning spray header, refrigeration unit and electrical equipment control cabinet.
  ◆The tank wall adopts advanced dimple pad evaporator which can make heat exchange directly with the milk inside.
  ◆The refrigeration compressor adopts full closed compressor and imported expanding valve and magnetic valve and equips with reliable protector.
  ◆The tank is made of SUS304 or 316 stainless steel, with pressure automatic rotary CIP cleaning spray header and automatic blending device.


Fresh Milk Cooling Tank Technical Parameters

Model Volume Agitator Power Length Width Height
ZLG-500 500L 0.75kw 1360mm 1060mm 1360mm
ZLG-1 1000L 1.1kw 1760mm 1260mm 1510mm
ZLG-2 2000L 1.1kw 2000mm 1660mm 1800mm
ZLG-3 3000L 1.1kw 2210mm 1860mm 1960mm
ZLG-4 5000L 1.1*2kw 3060mm 2015mm 2100mm
ZLG-5 8000L 1.1*2kw 3260mm 2060mm 2200mm
ZLG-8 10000L 1.1*2kw 2950mm 2300mm 2500mm


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