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Chocolate Melting Tank
1. Mainly used for meltign, after-ripening and maturing of chocolate;
2. The chocolate melting tank is widely used in ice-cream food industry;
3. Adopting electrical heating, and the electric closet which can be operated independently;
4. With features of simple structure, easy operation, power saving, high quality guarantee of chocolate







Nutriment Adding Tank
During fruit juice producing process, it needs to use color fixative to protect the fresh fruit juice from being oxidized. The nutriment adding tank can add color fixative and other antioxidant automatically. It is convenient to operate.
Strains Measuring Tank
Strains measuring tank is the necessary device in yogurt industry. It is mainly used for adding rationed strain during the ferment of yoghurt. Easy to operate with simple structure.
Fermentation Tank
1. Application Scope
Mainly used for fostering the acidophilus milk fermentation agent, can be widely used in food, dairy products, fruit juice and beverage industries.


2. Structural Features
◆Adopt internal cylinder, jacket and external coating structure, with heating preservation materials among the gap
◆The whole tank is made of hygienic stainless steel
◆Reasonable design and easy operation
◆The transition part of tank inside wall is with arc-design, which can ensure the health
◆Top shell cover adopts rotate uncover pattern when the volume is under 400L. If the volume is above 400L, it adopts whole sealing structure.
3. Fermentation Tank Configuration
The fermentation tank is equips with germ-free respirator, thermometer, CIP cleaner, inset for strain, adjustable triangular arm brace, agitator, jacket, illuminated sight glass and sampling valve.
4. Fermentation Tank Technical Parameters

Effective Volume Length*Width Height Heat Preservation Layer Inlet & Outlet Diameter Power Speed
100L 600mm*550mm 1700mm 50mm 38mm 0.45kw 40r/min
200L 700mm*800mm 1850mm 50mm 38mm 0.55kw 40r/min
300L 800mm*750mm 2100mm 50mm 38mm 0.55kw 40r/min
400L 800mm*800mm 2150mm 50mm 38mm 0.55kw 40r/min
500L 840mm*1000mm 2300mm 50mm 38mm 0.75kw 40r/min
600L 900mm*1000mm 2300mm 50mm 38mm 0.75kw 40r/min


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