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Beverage Mixing Machine

Beverage Mixing Machine Introduction
Beverage mixing machine is to mix water, syrup and carbon dioxide together for beverage production. Water and syrup is fully mixed before entering the mixing tank. The beverage mixing machine adopts injector for the addition of CO2. The injector can keep constant flow all the time.
Beverage Mixing Machine Application
Beverage mixing machine is suitable for carbonation and proportion mixing of various carbonated drinks, such as lemon drink, coca cola, soft drinks, and air-contained mineral water, etc. It is the main equipment of the complete beverage production system.

beverage mixing machine


Beverage Mixing Machine Features
1. It is convenient to adjust the capacity and the proportion of syrup and water without replacing parts of the machine.
2. The machine sets up liquid level auto control system which ensures harmonious movement, continuous work and high-level automation.
3. It is convenient to adjust the gas content through proper operation according to the requirements of beverage gas content.
4. The multistage centrifugal pump with reliable performance and low noise guarantee the whole machine's good performance.
5. The machine is fitted with CIP equipment, convenient for cleaning.

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