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Spiral Juice Extractor Introduction
Spiral juice extractor is used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables in a sanitary and efficient way. This machine is convenient to operate and easy to clean, thus becoming an essential fruit juice machine in many food processing industries.The machine mainly consists of front bearing, feed hopper, spiral, filter screen, juice container, rear bearing and slag spout etc.

Spiral Juice Extractor Application

◆Used for extracting fruit including pineapple, apple and pear etc.
◆Used for extracting berries such as mulberry, grape and orange etc.
◆Used for extracting vegetables including tomato, ginger, garlic and celery etc.

Spiral Juice Making Machine Working Principle

The main part of spiral juice extractor is spiral. When the raw materials are propelled by the spiral, the spiral chamber volume reduces; the pressure presses the raw materials to finish extracting process. The juice flows into the bottom container through the filter screen, and the residues are discharged out of the cyclic gap formed by the spiral and pressure adjusting head.



Spiral Juice Extracting Machine Notice

When rotate the hand wheel bearing block with hands clockwise, the pressure regulating head towards left, the gap reduces; otherwise, the gap enlarges. Change the gap’s size can adjust the resistance of expelling residues, and then change the juice yield. However, if the gap is too small, some residue particles will expel out with juice through the filter screen under strong pressure. The juice yield increases, but the juice quality declines relatively. So the gap’s size should be determined according to the specific technological requirements.

spiral juice extractor

fruit and vegetable


Spiral Juice Extractor Technical Parameters

Model Power Capacity Dimension
LZ-0.5 1.5kw 0.5t/h 1100×265×920 mm
LZ-1.5 4kw 1.5t/h 1560×450×1340 mm
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