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Fruit Pulping Machine

Fruit Pulping Machine Introduction
The fruit pulping machine is suitable for extraction of pulp from most fruits and vegetables, such as mangoes, peaches, tomatoes, bananas, draw berries and celeries etc. The gap between the sieve and rotor can be adjusted to suit different type of size and qualities of materials to be pulped.

Fruit Pulping Machine Features
1. The residues and pulp can be separated automatically.
2. The fruit pulping machine can work alone or combine with a Fruit Juice Production Line.
3. The parts contact with materials are made by quality
stainless steel, which fit the food health.
4. All parts can be easily dismantled and reassembled for facility of inspection, proper washing, cleaning and maintenance.


fruits pulping machine

Fruit Pulping Machine Working Principle
There are two types of rotors for pulping machine, one used for stoning, and the other used for peeling and pulping. For stone fruits, if we choose single-channel pulping machine, first we use the stoning rotor to stone, the peel and pulp flows into the next process; then change the rotor to peeling and pulping rotor, so we can peel and pulp. If we choose dual-channel pulping machine, the first channel is the stoning rotor and the second channel is the peeling and pulping rotor, we can stone, peel and pulp together. For berries, no matter one-channel or dual-channel, the rotors are the peeling and pulping rotors.

Working principle for stone fruits
The electrical machine is driven by v-belt, the rotor rotates with high-speed. Fruits enter into the machine through the feed hopper, the feed blade deliveries the material to pulping bar. Affected by the pulping bar, the material is mashed. Due to the effect of centrifugal force, the fluid and pulp is flowing into the next process through the sieve holes, and the stones are discharged out of the tap hole by the slag-out blade.

Working principle for berries
The electrical machine is driven by v-belt, the scraper blade installed on the spline shaft rotates with high speed. When the cracked fruits enter into the machine through the feed hopper, the pulp-resist disc distributes the material between the scraper blade and sieve screen. Because of the rotation effect of scraper blade and the existence of lead angle, the material moves toward the exit end along the round tube with spiral track. The material is smashed affected by the centrifugal force in the moving process between scraper blade and sieve. The fluid and pulp enters the next process through the sieve holes, the peel and seeds are discharged out of the discharge hopper, thus reach the separation.


 Fruit Pulping Machine Technical Parameters

Model Capacity Power Dimension
DJ1-0.12 0.12 t/h 1.5 kw 1000×830×948 mm
DJ1-2.5 2.5 t/h 4 kw 1450×770×1523 mm
DJ2-4.0 4.0 t/h 7.5 kw 1535×1420×1533 mm
DJ2-7.5 7.5 t/h 11 kw 1935×275×1700 mm
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