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Juice Concentrator

Juice Concentrator Introduction
Juice concentrator is used to remove water from fruit juice with evaporating. This set of juice concentrator is applied to the processing of fruit juice, milk powder, sugar, traditional Chinese medicine, and biologicals, etc. 
Juice Concentrator Features
1. Using plate pasteurization system, safe and hygienic.
2. Equipped with multi-functional evaporation, high efficiency and low power consumption, easy to operate and low maintenance cost.
3. Fast speed and vacuum low temperature evaporation, keeping original color, flavor and nutrition of products.

juice concentrator


Juice Concentrator Application
Juice concentrator is used to produce paste, juice and concentrated juice such as apple, tomato, peach, pear, orange, apricot etc. This set of juice concentrator is widely used in juice processing as well as in dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, etc.


concentrated juice


Juice Concentrator Technical Parameter

Model Capacity Inlet density Outlet density Dimension
GL-6 3~6 t/h 10% 71% 6000*4000*3000 mm
GL-12 6~12 t/h 10% 71% 10000*4200*3200 mm
GL-20 10~20 t/h 10% 71% 12000*4400*3500 mm


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