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What Is Hot Filling?
Hot filling is a procedure whereby the high temperature of the fluid products serves to sterilize the surface of the package that will be in contact with the products. The hot filling process offers significant competitive advantages for PH <4.5 sensitive beverages such as milk, fruit and vegetable juices, sport drinks, and tea drinks. It provides these products with extended shelf life.

Hot Filling Machine Features
1. The filling temperature must be a minimum of 82℃ and can reach up to 92℃.
2. The filling liquid level is controlled by high-precision and high-speed filling valve, high efficiency and without liquid lose.
3. With the technology of frequency conversion, it is convenient to adjust working speed according to the requirements of different production capacity.
4. The hot filling machine also can be used in normal temperature filling with replacement of some parts.
5. Adopting PLC control technology, high automation, easy to operate.

hot filling machine


Hot Filling Machine Application
Hot filling machine integrates the function of washing, filling and capping together. Hot filling machine is widely used for hot filling of PH <4.5 sensitive fluids such as milk, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, fruit and vegetable juices, and beverages in various types of PET bottles.

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