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Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine
The automatic aluminum foil sealing machine adopts electromagnetic induction principle to make the aluminum foil heated instantly and then fuse on the bottle mouth, improving the safety of products. The equipment integrates filling, aluminum foil cover forming and sealing into one machine, and adopts double slope cover punching technology to improve the utilization rate of aluminum foil. The aluminum foil sealing machine is widely applied in food, beverage, milk, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries etc. with high rate of filling and sealing.

aluminum foil sealing machine



pop can filling machine

Pop Can Filling and Sealing Machine
Automatic pop can filling and sealing machine is applicable to isobaric filler and capper of fluid products such as beer, milk, beverage, juice, tea drinks, etc. The machine adopts advanced can filling and sealing technology, and the filler is driven by the capper which ensures the filling and sealing works synchronous. The adoption of PLC and frequency converter makes the operation more stable and reliable. The filling and capping line is easy to assemble, discharge and clean.



pop can drink

milk sealed by Aluminum Foil


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