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Barrel Brushing, Capping and Cap-removing Machine

Barrel Brushing Machine
1. Inner and external barrel brushing machine is a new designed barrel brushing machine, which adopts many pure water processing factories' good suggestions. 
2. Water delivery adopts three pattern — cyclical water delivery, non cyclical water delivery and compound water delivery. It can be chose according to the customer’s need.
3. It can brush both of the inner and external barrel walls with great effect.
4. Easy operation- just need to open and close the door, then it can complete the brushing automatically.
5. The brushing lever is with spraying design, which can sterilize meanwhile.

Barrel Brushing Machine


barrel Capping Machine

Barrel Capping Machine
Barrel capping machine is necessary in barreled water production line, it has following features
1. Reasonable design and simple structure
2. The reliable mechanical stem guide system ensures caps' proper placement
3. PLC control, cap automatically
4. Lightweight containers will not be scuffed and deformed
5. Easy to operate and maintain


auto cap removing machine

Auto Cap Removing Machine
1. Auto cap removing machine is the necessary for barreled water production line, it is mainly used for the separation of caps and barrels of 3 or 5 gallon.
2. It consists of bracket, cap removing head, guiding mechanism, circuits of controlling, detection and analysis etc.
3. Auto cap removing machine is driven by the cylinder and controlled by PLC. It can be designed to work alone or work in the production line, which makes the total work automatically.
4. The barrel controlled by photoelectrical signal, under the condition that no barrel or the outlet of cap-removing machine is jammed, the barrel will be transferred to the lower part of the cap-removing head by transferring belt for automatic positioning.


5. Cap-removing head won't damage the barrels or the barrel caps at all. The caps don't deform, and they can be reused after sterilization.
6. The auto cap removing machine acts accurately and can adjust the cap-removing speed automatically. It can save labor and cost.

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