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Aseptic Cold Filling Machine

Aseptic Cold Filling Machine Introduction
Aseptic cold filling machine is kind of full automatic equipment, integrating the function of rinsing, filling and capping together. Aseptic cold filling machine works in a germ free environment under sterile conditions for the filling and capping of the products.
Aseptic Cold Filling Machine Application
The aseptic cold filling machine is mainly applied to the filling of PET and plastic bottles of drinking water like pure water, mineral water, etc. It is also suitable for the filling of concentrated fruit and vegetable juice.

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Aseptic Cold Filling Machine Features
1. The bottles of products are filled after UHT sterilization and cooling.
2. With the technology of frequency conversion, it is convenient to adjust working speed according to the requirements of different production capacity.
3. Adopting PLC control technology makes the operation more stable and reliable.
4. The filling liquid level is controlled by high-precision and high-speed filling valve, high efficiency and without liquid lose.

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