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Difference between Purified Water and Mineral Water

Purified water and mineral water are two common types of bottled water, both widely available. The difference between the two types of bottled waters mainly lies in where the source is located and what processes the water goes through before it is sold to consumers.
What Is Purified Water?
Purified water, or distilled water, can come from different sources, including spring water, well water, seawater, or municipal water. This source water is processed by reverse osmosis or distillation. Purified water contains no dissolved solids. Minerals and ions in the water are all pulled out due to reverse osmosis.

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What Is Mineral Water?
Mineral water is ground water coming from a well or spring that contains dissolved chemical substances. It contains specific levels of minerals and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron or fluoride. Mineral water is classified by having over 250 parts per million total dissolved solids.
Processing Machines for Purified Water and Mineral Water
The processing machines for purified water consist of Quartz Sand Filter, Active Carbon Purifier, and Reverse Osmosis Device.
The processing machines for mineral water consist of Quartz Sand Filter, Active Carbon Purifier, Sodium Ion Exchanger, and Hollow-fiber Ultrafilter.

Which Water Is Healthier?
Comparatively speaking, mineral water is healthier, because mineral water contains abundant trace elements and minerals which are beneficial to health. Calcium in mineral water can be helpful for people unable to drink milk because of lactose intolerance; calcium absorption from drinking high-calcium mineral water is at least comparable to that from consuming dairy products.
Purified water removes all the nutritious minerals and trace elements after filtered through reverse osmosis device. But nowadays, many types of purified bottled water have minerals added because people like the taste of water with minerals better than completely pure water; however, these cannot be labeled mineral water.